Book Review: Big Little Lies

Love psychological thrillers?  Then look no further than Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies.

“Who did it?”  Someone has died at the Pirriwee Public School Trivia Night.  That’s the big questions that come to play when reading “Big Little Lies”.  Sometimes, the little lies reveals the corruption beneath the surface.

The book starts off with happily married Madeline tripping in the middle of the street after telling off some teenagers who were texting and driving.  Passerby 24-year-old “plain Jane” comes to her rescue.  They don’t have really anything in common, except that their children are in the same kindergarten class.  However, they quickly become friends and bring another mother, Celeste, into the mix.

These women hold two big secrets, with Jane holding the bigger one.  The thing is that she doesn’t know the entire truth.  Some questions will come up about her past, and it turns out one of the other mothers knows someone that is connected to her.

This rapid, page turning book describes the lives of the mothers whose kids all go to the same school. They live in this small Australian town where gossip travels very quickly.  In this book, Liane Moriarty uncovers the skeletons these mothers may be hiding in their closet, from past affairs to predators to bullying and domestic violence.

Big Little Lies could have ended up as one hot mess with all kinds of unruly details that are out of place, but Moriarty’s overall writing and in depth character development made the book interesting.  She gave these characters such a backstory that their pasts intertwine with each other, and that is something a majority of readers may not see coming.

However, there are a couple of things that need to be addressed.  The scenes do jump around a little bit.  In one paragraph, Moriarty will reference what will happen at trivia night by including police officers and opinions from other mothers.  In the next paragraph, she will jump back to the weeks and months leading up to that tragic night.

The murder was introduced within the first few scenes of the book, so it did foreshadow the inevitable that will happen later in the book.

Still, praise for Moriarty for neatly tying all of the details together in the end. This is a book that will open up all kinds of discussions and keep everyone talking.

Big Little Lies is available in the United States, Canada, Australia and the U.K. through Penguin Publishing.

Sunday Social #1

Sunday Social is another link up from Neely @ A Complete Waste of Makeup.  I thought it would be a good idea to participate so you guys would know a little more about me.

1. Biggest middle school fashion mistake: 

2. Best friend in high school: I had friends, but I don’t think I had a best friend in high school.  I kinda lost some contact with them, although I have them on Facebook.

3. What was a typical weekend like for you in high school? I mainly did homework, hung out with my mom and occasionally did things with friends.  On Sundays, my sister and I went to Chinese School.  I did colorguard in the 11th and 12th grade, so that meant going to competitions most weekends during the fall semester.

4. Did you have any boyfriends/girlfriends?  I didn’t have my first boyfriend until college.

5. Did you have any secret codes with your friends?  We didn’t have secret codes, but we would exchange notes / cards.

6. If you could relive one day/moment/experience from middle school or high school, what would it be? 2006 – Senior year spring trip to Disney World.  I’ve never been before that.

Couch 2 5k

In order to get fit this year, I am going to do the Couch 2 5k program.  I downloaded an app called 5k Runner, which is only $2.99 in the app store.  If you actually google “Couch 2 5k,” you’ll find that the plan actually cost $20, which wasn’t worth it to me.  Let’s just say good thing I found 5k Runner.

I started it today, and it went pretty well.  The workout lasted 25 minutes.  I walked for the first 5 and last 5 minutes, but I ran/walked for 1 to 1.5 minutes and alternated back and forth.

It’s an 8 week program that you do 3 days a week.  I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.

Reflections on 2012


2012 has come and gone.  Here are some reasons why 2012 was a good year:

  1. Found a job in my field, even though it’s part-time.
  2. Dumped Matt Godowns, He was an annoying, clingy boyfriend.  I am better off without him.
  3. Going to Boston with Maegan.  It was a fun trip, and I want to go back.
  4. Spending time with friends and family.
  5. Taking on more duties at work.
  6. Michelle graduating from VCU.  Congrats!
  7. Michelle doing a great job on her OATs.  I know she will do great in optometry school.
  8. Taking up new hobbies.
  9. Met some people through job hunting.  (Don’t worry WTVR folks.  This was before I started working there.)
  10. Working with fun, nice people.

2012 Scrapbook


1/1/12 – Ringing in the new year

1/24/12 – Broke up with Matt (who was a crazy man that was ready for marriage after a few weeks of dating)


Internship with Toonari Post

Volunteering at WRIR



2/6/12 – Interview at WTVR

2/27/12 – Offered a job at WTVR


3/1/12 – First day at WTVR

3/10/12 – Lion King at the Landmark Theatre

3/14/12 – Went to D.C. to see Cherry Blossoms

3/17/12 – Aunt and Uncle’s housewarming party

3/24/12 – Cousin Anthony’s wedding reception at The Hard Shell

3/29/12 – Spent the day in D.C. with my mom, Uncle Sam, Aunt Elisa, Uncle Peter, and Aunt Connie in D.C. / NoVa / MD

3/31/12 – Ran the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K


4/13/12 – Cross-trained in web management at work

4/25/12 to 4/28/12 – Trip to D.C. to visit the Chinese Embassy


5/11/12 & 5/12/12 – Michelle’s graduation from VCU


6/1/12 – Steven’s mom’s funeral

6/20/12 – Busch Gardens with Michelle and Garrick


7/2/12 – Ordered my Erin Condren Life Planner

7/4/12 – Fourth of July in VA Beach

Became a WTVR weekend assignment editor


8/6/12 – Mom’s birthday

8/25/12 – Dad’s birthday

8/29/12 – Parents’ anniversary at Bar Louie


9/11/12 – Registered to take the GRE next June

9/24/12 – Got pulled over by a cop for going 74 in a 55 highway zone.


10/14/12 – First core barre class

10/16/12 – Michelle’s birthday at Sticky Rice

10/20/12 – Relatives from Michigan came to town

10/24/12 – Court date for a speeding incident that happened a month earlier


11/4/12 to 11/8/12 – Trip to New England (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire)

11/14/12 – Driving class

11/22/12  – Thanksgiving at the Chau’s house in Richmond


12/25/12 – Christmas at the Sin’s house

12/16/12 – Registered for the 2013 Ukrops Monument Avenue 10k

12/31/12 – New Year’s Eve in Carytown


I use Spaces on my Macbook, and it lets me have a different desktop for each space.

Trip To New England: Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ELECTION DAY!  We kicked off this special election day with going to Harvard.  Our tour guide was named Reed, and he seemed cool, unlike Brian from the day before.  He showed us around Harvard Yard (where the freshmen stay), the places where they have their meals, the ugly science building, the place where graduation is held every year, the library, and the Cambridge fire station (looks like the rest of the buildings on the Harvard campus).  We also saw the dorm where JFK lived.  The campus reminded me of Hogwarts, not because how it looks.  It’s because how you do everything with people in your class.  Each class eats together at their designated tables, lives in the same dorm, etc.

After the tour, we bought some souvenirs from the bookstore across the street.  I bought a Harvard shirt.  For those who know me, you know I gotta a college shirt.

Then we went to a place called b.good for lunch, which was a really good burger place.

After that, we hopped on the T to the Prudential Center because we wanted to go get a birds eye view of Boston before the sunset.  On the way, we stopped by the Old South Church and the Boston Library.

The view of Boston was GORGEOUS!  If you’re ever in Boston, going to the Skywalk Observatory at the Prudential Center is a MUST!

We headed back to Quincy Market because on Monday we saw the CNN bus there.  Maegan wanted to see if Anderson Cooper was nearby.  Turned out CNN was airing the election results on a jumbotron and doing live jib shots.  We stayed there until 11 or so.  It was freezing cold, so we kept having to go to Starbucks to get hot chocolate.  (We heavily relied on Starbucks during our whole trip.)  I had some nasty pizza and fries that night from one of their food stations.  (I still want my $10 back.)

At the end of the night, Maegan and I were cold, miserable, tired, dirty and really had to go pee.  We were looking for the nearest T station, but we had no idea whether if we were going in the right direction or not.  As soon as we saw the sign for the T station, we ran straight for it and hopped on the train back to our hotel.

It’s OK Thursday #16

It's Ok Thursday

It’s OK…

That I waited so late to finish Christmas shopping.  Almost done.  I have to buy one more thing.  Thank goodness.

That I ate nothing but cheese and crackers for lunch lately.  My dad bought the cheese and crackers.  Maybe I should lay off of that.

That I stil haven’t finished blogging about my Boston trip.  Life gets in the way.  Plus, sometimes, I’m not in the mood.

That I constantly carry around my Life Planner and have started writing down every little thing in my planner, even a few “off the wall” things.  For  12/21/12, I wrote, “The day the world is supposed to end according to the Mayan calendar.  DOOMED (not really).”  In reality, it’s just the end of the 13th baktun (a cycle that lasts about 395 years) and the start of the 14th baktun.

That I accidentally had my exercise shirt on backwards during core barre class.  I was changing in the car, and it was dark.

That I’m going to try to utilize this blog more.

To celebrate good times with friends and family.